Our Mission

Saving the world one fire at a time.

The problem of wildfires is progressively becoming worse across the globe. The 2018 California wildfires alone generated more than 91 million metric tons of CO2, roughly 25% more than the state’s annual emissions from fossil fuels. We continue to witness billions of dollars in damage, thousands of lost lives, millions of destroyed acres of land and wild habitat. Yet, no meaningful solution has been developed. We set out on a mission to address this global problem through technology and innovation. We are working tirelessly to develop a revolutionary low-cost system that would detect fires at their infancy and prevent deadly infernos.

Global Impact

Over 60,000 wildfires and 7.5 million acres impacted annually.

Global Impact

$110 billion average annual cost of damages from wildfires.

Global Impact

Thousands of people killed by wildfires every year.


Torch Systems is a revolutionary solution to early-stage wildfire detection. A dispersed network of affordable, independently powered sensors continuously monitors the area for any potential fires. The system immediately gives a warning of a starting fire, allowing for rapid response.

  • Low Cost

    Torch sensors are inexpensive to deploy and maintain.
  • Standalone

    Low-power and able to run for long time periods on recharging batteries.
  • Offline

    Sensors communicate locally via a wireless network, with only one connected device required per hundreds of offline Torch sensors.
  • multivariable


    Results are verified through multiple real-time inputs, minimizing false positives.
  • Easy to Deploy

    Torch sensors don’t require any equipment to install, can be mounted simply at human height.
  • Hardened

    Built to resist weather, heat, cold over long periods of time.


Torch sensors have a wide range of fire prevention applications in the utilities and agriculture sectors, as well as urban and suburban environments.

Founding Team

We’re a team of motivated entrepreneurs bringing our unique skills and experiences together to solve the issue of disastrous wildfires.



    Michael is a serial entrepreneur and former CEO and co-founder of Leap Motion, the world’s pre-eminent human computer interface company. He was also named Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business and Forbes 30 Under 30 list.



    Vasily is the developer of the original Torch Systems technology. He is a Regeneron Talent Search National Scholar and has a background in mathematical economics and computer science from UC Berkeley and the University of Pennsylvania.



    Anton is an accomplished researcher at UC Berkeley with over 250 scholarly publications. His technical expertise was acquired at the Moscow Inst. Physics & Techn., the Russian Academy of Sciences and the University of Leicester, UK.

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